Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya | UFC 234 Recap

#UFC 234 [3:13]
Robert Whitaker vs Kelvin Gastulem [6:06]
Crute vs Alvey [9:55]
Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya [11:30]
Francis Ngannou vs Cain Velasquez [15:50]
Bellator Matt Mitirone vs Sergei Kharitonov [18:17]
MVP vs Paul Daley [19:00]
Ryan Bader vs Daniel Cormier [20:11]
Barboza vs Gathje cage side tickets $179 [21:36]
Wanderlei Silva has lots of concussion symptoms [24:24]
Bellator and Rizin 5 vs 5 [26:29]
Indian Iron Man [27:55]
Cowboy vs McGregor [29:16]
Nick Diaz is retired [29:40]
Tweet of the week [31:00]
#AskTheNuts [32:55]Do you need a cable provider to get ESPN+? I thought it'd be a stand alone app.
Are you following the Joe Rogan vs Alex Jones feud? Is Alex mentally ill or is he pulling an Andy Kaufman kind of thing? Your thoughts?

Refs give pre fight instructions to fighters in the locker room. But who gives the refs instructions about when to stop a fight? Can we get on this?

How many seconds will it take MVP to dispatch Paul Daley on Feb 16th? If MVP ever came to the UFC who would you match him up with?

UFC 238 happening in Chicago, Which of these 3 possible fights would you vote for?
McGregor vs Cowboy
Nunes vs Cyborg 2
Cejudo vs Dillashaw 2

What can we do as fans to stop John Morgan in his quest to always ask the first 20 questions at press conferences?

Name a fighter who’s career changed due to a certain fight?

If you could choose any fighter to be on hot ones, who would you choose?

What would be your post weigh in go to food?

Who is the most forgotten champion that used to be dominant?

Is Travis Browne still a fighter or just a trophy wife now?

1) Would you rather have a shower that keeps you clean for 7 days OR a bed that gives you a full night's rest in 1 hour?

2) Would you rather have the song, you hate the most, always stuck in your head OR always have the worst itch possible, in a place you can’t reach?

3) Would you rather receive a random package from amazon delivered at your doorstep every month that has a random item that's valued between $0-5000, but every time you bring it inside, someone in the ICU dies OR discover the cure for all types of cancer, but every time someone gets cured of cancer, you faint?

4) Would you rather find out all the opportunities you didn't realize you had and missed, or all of the unknown dangers you narrowly escaped?

F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #32" (Female Wrestlers #12): Billie Kay, Carmella, Eve Torres


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