Bellator 165 [1:11]
Fedor vs Matt Mitrione happening in Bellator [3:14]
Bigfoot loses in Russia [3:45]
Best Announcer ever [3:56]
UFC events [6:20]
Yoel Romero vs Michael Bisping announced [6:58]
UFC 205 breaks a ton of records [7:35]
Conor McGregor not coming back to fighting until May of 2015 [9:20]
Conor McGregor drew twice as many PPV Buys in 1 year than the entire UFC in 2014 [9:34]
Why Conor McGregor is the best UFC fighter ever [10:33]
Mark Wahlberg offers to give Conor McGregor his UFC shares [11:35]
Ronda Rousey has some of her film postponed due to worries about her acting [13:05]
What is the outlook for the UFC in 2017 [16:01]
Miesha Tate breaks during her fight [16:38]
UFC Fight Pass has 450,000 subscribers at $10/month [19:33]
Demian Maia is offered some fights [21:48]
Donald Trump meets with Ari Emanuel [23:38]
Lyoto Machida gets a 18 month suspension for DHEA while Jon Jones gets 12 months for estrogen blockers [25:00]
Roy Nelson gets a 9 month suspension for kicking Big John McCarthy [26:00]


Most Shocking moment of 2016?

Diaz submitting McGregor

Bisping KO’s Rockhold

Jones fails PED Test

UFC sells for $4.2 Billion

McGregor wins 2nd belt

What's the deadliest animal you would rather fight than Yoel Romero?

If you were a UFC fighter in your mid-30s coming off the last fight in your contract and top 10 in your division, would you lean more towards resigning with the UFC or go where the money is in bellator?

Does 145# move ahead without mcgregor if he now plans on not returning till mid 2017 without a guarantee he will even fight at 145?

Does McCall have the worst luck or what? Wow guy can't get in the cage

If Romero gets title shot.... ..should mousasi fight jacare .... not knowing how long rock hold is out?

holy shit 3 mma events and a boxing event im tired, but anyways there are 6 more ufc events in 2016 what fight are you looking forward to most? Cowboy vs Matt Brown, Max Holloway vs Pettis, DC vs Rumble, Paige Van Zant vs Karate Hottie, Rousey vs Nunes, Cruz vs Garbrandt

With McGregor holding two belts now ..... will we see more people go for this? Mighty Mouse.... Cruz..... Jon jones.... Cormier. U may have talked about this already

Would you rather eat cheese and broccoli soup or every movie you watch slowly transitions into Shrek halfway through?

Would you rather give up the internet for a year (in all its forms) or make public your whole history of pages visited (even in incognito mode) from the past year for anyone to see?

Would you rather listen to your favorite song 50 times in a row or your least favorite song 5 times in a row?

Do you prefer sex or money?

Is it worse to be Ignorant or Annoying?

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