UFC 235 Preview
Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith [2:34]
Tyron Woodley vs Kamara Usman [7:50]
Robbie Lawler vs Ben Askren [9:04]
GSP retires [12:35]
Matt Hughes restraining orders [17:20]
Dillion Danis suspended and fined for his part in the UFC 229 brawl [22:55]
Tyson Fury and PFL sign deals with ESPN [26:00]
Mackenzie Dern [27:50]
Anderson Silva fighting at UFC 237 [28:38]
Salaries from the Cain vs Francis card [28:54]
One FC’s version of Showtime Pettis [29:20]
Tweet of the week [30:03]
Which is worth more, a UFC interim belt or a belt that you can go buy at KOHL'S?

Why wouldn't the UFC make the Khabib vs GSP fight happen, seems like a great matchup?

With Holloway moving to 155, what's next for the 145 title?

At what point will the commissions start stepping in with older fighters who get K.O.'d multiple times in a year? Looking out for their long term health. Arlovski, Diego Sanchez, Nogueria

There was an acrticle written talking about how UFC had to move venues in Brazil for UFC 237 because they couldn’t fill a 20,000 seat arena and it would be demoralizing. UFC is falling in Brazil saying they have no more idols? Who are the Brazilian idols these days?

How would you describe GSP’s legacy?

Would a Smith win over Jones be a bigger than Serra over GSP and become the biggest upset of all time?

With the UFC and PFL being on ESPN does that mean we will get a 155 title fight between Cris Cyborg and Kayla Harrison?

1) What you think of this list that I made about the Gatekeepers of UFC today. Who do you think is accurate, who you guys think is wrong and who you guys suggest?
- Heavyweight: Overeem- Light Heavyweight: OSP- Middleweight: Brunson- Welterweight: Magny or Maia- Lightweight: Gaethje or Barboza- Other weight classes: I don’t give a shit.
2) Would you rather forget how to speak OR forget how to read?
3) Buy Or Sell: On which story you want to be told? Donald Cerrone faces Connor McGregor, wins, gets PAID and retires and goes to the UFC Hall of Fame and tells a beautiful story of dedication and loyalty OR Demian Maia goes in another resurgence, fights Woodley again, wins, becomes champion, breaks the record of most submissions, have a career of a guy above his 40 and tells a beautiful story of perseverance and passion?
4) Would you rather buy 10 things you don’t need every time you go to the store or always forget 1 thing that you need when you go to the store?
F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #34" (Female Wrestlers #14): Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and Ruby Riott


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