Demian Maia vs Kamara Usman [1:57]
Weirdness with the UFC’s women’s Strawweight Rankings [4:15]
Bellator 200 [6:21]
Thompson vs Till [8:14]
Fabricio Werdum fails a USADA drug test [9:15]
UFC 224 PPV Buy Rate [11:38]
Chael Sonnen thinks missing weight is cheating [12:44]
Bellator 199 Salaries [18:02]
UFC 225 - Holm vs Anderson on the main card and Overeem vs Blaydes on the prelims [22:41]
Should the fans vote for which fights on are on PPV? [26:39]
GSP to be on the Rogan podcast on 5/23 [27:36]
UFC in Russia on September 15th [28:28]
Ariel Helwani now a part of ESPN [28:40]
Mike Perry wants the cage to be made out of bullet proof glass [33:51]
Cool Cobra Kai street art [35:40]
FOX rumored to be doing a $1 billion deal with the WWE [36:12]
Liam Gallagher and Conor McGregor [37:32]
Paige VanZant [39:48]
Sage Northcutt’s twitter [41:52]
Fedor is the GOAT [43:10]

MMA Junkie asked the question- Who’s Bellator’s best free agent signing out of these four guys? Bader, MacDonald, Mitrione or Sonnen? [44:25]
True or False [45:58]
Tyron Woodley: St-Pierre fighting Diaz is the ‘hugest b-tch move on the planet’
Ronda Rousey: “I have pet goats, and I’m going to try to get them to do goat yoga with me.”
Could Bredan Schaub win the Bellator HW tournament? [46:55]
Would you rather be a mid-tier UFC fighter or a Bellator Champion? [47:42]
Do u guys agree that the ufc changed BIG TIME pre and post McGregor. ... I honestly miss the feeling I got watching the events back then.(b4 McGregor ) Did he do more damage than good? He tied up 2 different divisions and never defended either belt ending the bloodline of not 1 but 2 division's [48:31]
What fights are going to be the main and co-main events for UFC Moscow? [50:18]
Would you rather have to cut as much weight as Anthony Johnson by dieting on the same basic food for weeks and cap it off by dehydrating the hell out of yourself until you're almost sick OR take a punch, with no gloves, from a 1986 Mike Tyson on the face? [52:19]Would you rather get headkicked by a Pride CroCop OR punched in the head by a Pride Mark Hunt? [55:51]
Would you rather successfully defend your title in the the most boring fight in MMA history, or lose it in one of the most exciting fights in MMA history? [56:15]
F*** Marry Kill "UFC Octagon Girl Edition #2": Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, Jamillette Gaxiola? [59:44]

ZOMBIELAND 2 [1:01:50]
Pack of dogs maul a woman to death [1:04:25]

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