Anthony Pettis vs Max Holloway | UFC 206 Results

UFC 206 [1:36]
Max Holloway vs Anthony Pettis [2:23]
Doo Ho Choi vs Cub Swanson [7:57]
Donald Cerrone vs Matt Brown [11:25]
Tim Kennedy vs Kelvin Gastulem [15:58]
Emil Meek vs Jordan Mein [18:33]
Ronda Rousey with a sweet promo [21:34]
Ronda Rousey’s t-shirt - fear the fighter [23:05]
Jon Jones suspended by the NSAC for 1 year [23:35]
Dana White on UFC Unfiltered had some choice things to say [24:37]
Conor McGregor is taking 10 months off and challenging the NSAC in court [29:14]
Nick Diaz is cleared to fight and Tyron Woodley calls him out. Who should Nick fight next? [30:27]
Rumors that CM Punk is going to fight agin in the UFC [32:01]
Heavyweight ranking from 3 years ago compared to today [33:07]

Do you think Paige VanZant vs Michelle Waterson is the sexiest fight of all time? If not besides Cyborg vs Carano what is? [34:14]

Do you think Pettis should switch camps or retire? and do you think Holloway will beat Aldo? [35:30]

Would you watch Paige VanZant vs Michelle Waterson lesbian porn? [36:16]

Jon Jones mentioned in the Joe Rogan Podcast that he does not smoke marijuana anymore and he feels much more focused and better as a human being. Do you think Jon Jones insidiously takes a few rip from time to time to acknowledge marijuana is his best friend forever? [36:33]

Many people tend to put down Anthony Pettis when he loses, but he has been fighting nothing but top tier guys, do you feel fans are not giving Anthony Pettis credit? [37:10]

Do you find it hypocritical that Yoel Romero advocates to believe in God but he cheats his way to win all the time? [37:24]

Conor Mcgregor never defended the 145 title, will he defend the 155 belt or will be scout for only big money fights? I see a trend going on. [37:38]

Do you believe the 'irresponsible' Kelvin Gastelum when he said he can make 170 weight cut? [38:07]

How does Doo Ho Choi vs. Korean Zombie sound to you guys? [38:22]

Will Ronda Rousey retire if she loses December 30th? How would she take another loss mentally? [38:26]

Where is Jose Waldo? [39:47]

Nate Diaz is planning to get to a boxing license. Would it be a dick move if Floyd Mayweather fought Diaz instead of Conor Mcgregor? [40:23]

Why do people say Demetrious Johnson is the best pound 4 pound fighter, when its clearly Dominick Cruz. Cruz clearly beat Johnson. Do you find this bullshit to hype up the non-interesting flyweight division? [40:37]

Hello guys. I have no question for you guys today all i want to say is that i am still in the process of grief for losing my dad. But soon i will be back to posting nice questions for you guys. Meanwhile stay safe and take care guys. Be good fathers for your kids. [41:33]

Fighter gets KO’d with an illegal soccer kick then attacks ref at Trench Warz 20 [42:33]

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