Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov press conference [1:48]
McGregor signs six fight deal with the #UFC [7:28]
Barao misses weight [9:01]
Charles Oliveria surpasses Royce Gracie’s record for submission wins [10:00]
Jon Jones USADA suspension [10:50]
Fighter gets DQ’d [17:06]
Teddy Atlas on JRE [19:10]
Chuck and Tito will be random drug tested out of competition [22:53]
Johny Hendricks says USADA messed up his fighting career [24:15]
Mark Hunt vs Gohkan Saki [26:03]
Kayla Harrison says the PFL is going to create a 155lb division for their tournament [26:39]
Curtis Blaydes vs Francis Ngannou 2 [29:30]
Dana White comments on Logan Paul in the UFC [30:38]
UFC documentary [34:00]
#Bellator 206 Rory MacDonald vs Gegard Mousasi [36:57]

UFC President Dana White believes Conor McGregor is better at mental warfare than Muhammad Ali. Do you agree with that praise?

If the UFC had a mascot, what would it look like?

What do you think of my gameplan for Khabib? Throw ZERO strikes in the first 2 rounds. McChicken can't counter if Khabib doesn't strike. Shoot takedowns only, Conor tires, then... khabibtime?

Has anyone else noticed that Conor cuts easily? Even Aldo cut him while falling unconscious! Seems like a doctor stoppage for Conor's cuts is unlikely, but possible against @TeamKhabib 's ground and pound. Anyone talking about Khabib's elbows vs CM's face?

Who is the most intimidating person to ever fight in the UFC?

If you was a pro fighter, which training camp would you want to be apart of?

What damages the chances of a fighter losing the fight, a low blow or an eye poke?

Would you rather drink toilet water or clean a public bathroom, using only your hand and a soup?

Would you rather get tased by a stungun or pepper spray by a mace in the eye?

Would you rather be buried alive for 12 hours or destroy every piece of technology that you own?

F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #16" (Brazilian Models): Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bündchen

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