Justin Gaethje vs Michael Johnson [0:56]
What should fighters be paid in Reebok sponsorship money if they are headlining a card? [4:16]
Jesse Taylor wins the Ultimate Fighter [5:24]
UFC 213 on Xbox [6:26]
Joe Rogan and Dana White are virtually identical [7:28]
Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko [8:59]
Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker [10:27]
If I told you a little over a year ago, that Michael Bisping would be fighting Robert Whittaker for the title, what would you say? [14:36]
Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum [15:41]
What do you do in the heavyweight division? [18:40]
Curtis Blades vs Daniel Omielanczuk [21:23]

What’s going on with the heavyweights? [22:49]

Jim Miller vs Anthony Pettis [24:42]

Travis Browne has 4 loses in a row [27:14]

Frank Mir granted his release from the UFC [30:29]

Gabi Garcia soccer kicks her opponent [31:25]

New promo for the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2 fight [33:15]


What do you guys think of Nunes pulling out of her title fight against Shevchenko when she was medically cleared by multiple doctors? Do you think fighters should be stripped of their titles if they refuse to fight? [39:09]

What do you guys think about implementing energy saving strategies for fighters, for example Yoel Romero. What I mean is, to avoid a lot of high kicks, or jumping explosive knees and just keep it to the basics jab + low kick as far the standup game goes. [41:18]

What would you rather have a personal gourmet chef or personal masseuse? [43:33]

If you could raise from the dead one of these three to attend a concert who would you raise: Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson or Prince? [45:00]Rank them 1,2,3 [45:30]

Would you rather f*** the top half of Ronda Rousey on the bottom half of Miesha Tate, or the top half of Miesha Tate on the bottom half of Ronda Rousey?

F*** Marry Kill "Hot Woman of Witcher 3": Ciri, Triss, Yennefer [47:40]

Soccer on ice [49:17]

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