2 Big Women fight - How does this fight get sanctioned?

Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo Slice in Bellator

Rumble Johnson and Jon Jones prank Dana White

CSAC did blood and urine tests for all fighters on the UFC 184 card. Looking at the possibility of adding weight classes. Walkout weigh ins to see what fighters weigh come fight time.

Next season of TUF announced with a new format. American Top Team vs the Blackzillians with the winner receiving $500,00.

Cris Cyborg won in 46 seconds over the weekend.


UFC 184 Recap

PPV Buy rate discussion

Weigh in pictures

Big John dealing with an eye poke

Brock Lesnar at UFC 184. Can he fight for WWE and the UFC?

Roan Carneiro chokes Mark Munoz out while the ref watches

Jake Ellenbereger chokes out Josh Koschek to the point he’s foaming from the mouth

Rousey vs Zingano discussion
 - Will Cyborg vs Rousey ever happen?


Episode # 234


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