UFC 200 Results | Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt

FOX Sports 1 Rant [0:55]
UFC 200 fighter payouts [3:20]
Why was Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes the main event? [4:10]
How high was Nate Diaz at UFC 200? [6:01]
Did you like the yellow mustard Octagon [6:50]
Some new fighter uniforms [7:30]
Octagon screen [7:50]
Who was the MVP of UFC 200? [9:07]
Joe Lauzon vs Diego Lauzon [10:27]
Johny Hendricks vs Kelvin Gastelum [11:34]
Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne [13:36]
Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar [16:07]
Is this Conor McGregor Aldo’s Matt Serra [18:51]
Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva [20:16]
Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt [23:01]
Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes [27:46]
Jon Jones [30:06]
How long will Jon Jones b out for? [38:20]
Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping [41:20]
Metamoris new event [43:35]

If you were going to have a get together with friends, and watch classic boxing or MMA fights what fights would you watch? [45:40]

Hey Nuts, what overall grade would you give UFC 200? [47:00]

It was reported that Brock Lesnar’s purse was $2.5 million. How many PPV buys do you think having him on the card added? [48:43]

If he fights again, what do you think his worth is? [49:14]

Brock vs Fedor does the ufc go after fedor to make that fight happen? [50:10]

Plus do you guys have any interest in fedor vs brock or maybe carwin vs brock 2? [50:22]

Who wins... a stoned Demetrious Johnson vs a drunk Dominic cruz? [50:30]

Stephen Thompson with one arm vs demian Maia with one leg? [50:53]

Amanda Nunes vs Brian Caraway? [51:15]

And if you could pick any other athlete from any other sport to beat a current ufc champion at their similar weight who would it be? [51:21]

After years of living a lie Brock finally came out of the closet as a Canadian, what kind of things do you think he had to hide from his parents while growing up? [52:24]

What was your favorite and least favorite fight on UFC 200? [53:03]

First off, let's all thank Ingo for stating at the beginning of last weeks show that something crazy would happen to the card during fight week. Wanna go ahead and say McGregor doesn't do press conferences again and his fight with Diaz won't happen now or later? Just joking, much love Ingo. BJ Penn is overrated. question is do you think that Jones being pulled from the event hurt the PPV buys drastically? [53:36]

Have you ever tried to do the alaskan dragon? [54:34]

Would you rather live on a beautiful paradise island, but all by yourself OR live in a horrible polluted city, but surrounded by your loved ones? [55:35]

Would you rather be a kid your whole life OR an adult your whole life? [55:50]

Would you rather fuck both Ronda and Miesha at the same time or get anal from Gina Carano? [56:15]

Apple Store [57:18]

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