Anthony Smith vs Volkan Ozdemir [1:18]
DAZN signs Canelo Alvarez [3:31]
Tyson Fury on JRE [5:26]
Conor McGregor’s thoughts on fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov [8:58]
Chuck Liddel and Tito Ortiz [14:18]
Eddie Alvarez signs with OneFC [16:02]
#UFC trades Mighty Mouse to OneFC for Ben Askren [17:03]
Khabib’s new training partner [25:14]
UFC 230 poster [28:10]
Black Beast new shirt [29:18]
Cat Zingano at 160 [29:36]
UFC reebok shoe [30:10]

DC is one BAMF. Can you name a bigger BAMF at heavyweight? Any MMA org and any year.Who's next for khabib?What weight class is Khabib vs Askren mostly be in? Derrick Lewis just got his ass beat for 14:45 and admitted he is no position to fight for a title. Why the fuck is he fighting for the title?Would you rather get a lower back tattoo or a piercing on your penis?If a MMA World Cup where to happen, where the Top 5 fighters of each country would have to face the Top 5 fighters of another country in a tournament with 8 countries participating and you guys were assigned to build the United States team, how would you build it? (The rules are: You need 4 Men & 1 Women and they need to be from different weight classes and AMERICAN).If you guys where to direct a buddy cop action movie with MMA Fighters, who would you cast as: the two cops, the two love interest of each one and the one villain. (So 3 male fighters and 2 female fighters). Who is the worst fighter in the UFC? My first thought was of course, CM Punk. But considering he is more of an experiment/lab rat to try to gain viewership he won't be my choice. Here is a list of some very bad fighters in the UFC. Many of them have spent years/their entire lives training MMA, which makes it even more sad. Which one is your choice, aside of CM Punk? (PS: I don't have their win/loss record on the UFC completely updated)Anthony Hamilton (3-7) HeavyweightHector Lombard (3-6) MiddleweightKailin Curran (1-6) StrawweightArtem Lobov (2-5) FeatherweightBobby Nash (0-3) WelterweightJosh Burkman (6-11) LightweightPaige Vanzant (4-3) Straw/FlyweightAlex Caceres (8-9) FeatherweightAlso Ingo, just to make you feel a little salty:BJ Penn 4-8-1 in the last 10 yearsBJ Penn 1-7-1 in his last 9 fightsBJ Penn 0-5 is his current streakBJ Penn 0-3 in the last 5 yearsF*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #19" Anne Hathaway, Miranda Kerr, Rita Volk
Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

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