Glover Teixeira vs Rashad Evans Recap [1:54]
UFC’s new uniforms [2:08]
Rose Namajunas vs Tecia Torres [4:27]
Nurmagomedov wins [5:14]
Glover Teixiera vs Rashad Evans [7:12]
Jon Jones [9:49]
Freakshow fights [11:35]
Mark Hunt signs 6 fight deal worth millions [14:57]
Is Mark Hunt the biggest star in the Heavyweight Division? [16:30]
Ken Shamrock still slated for a Bare Knuckle Fight in September [17:27]
When should a older fighter stop fighting? [18:24]
Lyoto Machida fails a USADA drug test for taking DHEA [21:12]
What’s with the rise of fighters bashing other fighters for failed USADA drug tests [24:31]
Reebok is a major problem for GSP coming back to fight in the UFC [26:42]
BJ Penn vs Dennis Siver at UFC 199 [29:58]
USADA Random Drug Testing Watch [32:14]
What’s hurting the UFC more, Reebok or USADA? [33:09]
Is it the brand of UFC or the fighters that sells the PPV? [35:16]
Joao Carvalho dies from injures sustained during an MMA fight in Ireland. Will we see this happen in one of the major MMA organizations? [38:31]
UFC 200 not getting an epic title fight [41:05]

Hey Nuts, What are your day jobs? Do your bosses know you call people “twats” and talk about gay rape on a weekly basis? [42:08]

Hey! Is that Matt at 00:13?! Jon Jones - Nothing Compares [44:18]

Aside from Roy Nelson and Mark Hunt can you name some fighters who Khabib could NOT pick up and body slam? [44:53]

Do you think that all UFC fighters get a free Fight Pass membership? Which fighter watches FP archives the most? [45:18]

Which fight on UFC 200 are you looking forward to the most? [46:40]

Diaz vs McGregor 2
Aldo vs Edgar

Tate vs Nunes

Velasquez vs Browne

Hendricks vs Gastelum

Mousasi vs Brunson

Sanchez vs Lauzon

Northcutt vs Marin

Miller vs Gomi

Zingano vs Pena

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