Venator 3 Results | Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

MLB Brawl and the internet loses it’s mind [3:11]
Venator 3 Results [4:43]
Mayhem misses weight by 24 pounds [5:19]
Mayhem Miller seems to have his stuff together [8:06]
Ray Sefo and Frank Merenda Twitter war [8:50]
New brain scan can detect CTE in living people [10:27]
Judge denies NHL’s motion to dismiss retired players’ concussion lawsuit [14:11]
Wanderlei Silva gets run over while riding his bike [19:04]
McGregor vs Diaz 2 negotiations are not going well [20:33]
Floyd Mayweather offers Conor McGregor $50 million to have a boxing match [22:10]
Chris Weidman injures his neck and is out of UFC 199. Michael Lisping steps in to fight Luke Rockhold [27:31]
Chanel Sonnen launching a Submission Underground grappling event [29:00]

What would it take for you to watch the entire season of the Ultimate Fighter? How about a comeback season of TUF? [30:57]

What ever happened to the UFC working on a new glove to prevent eye pokes? [33:09]

What are JDS's chances of regaining the belt? [33:27]

Who is the least skilled fighter, in the UFC, that is holding a belt? [33:54]

Do you agree with how Brendan Schaub said he would be handled the whole CM Punk situation. In case you didn't know, he said he would've secretly signed CM Punk, had him train and a month before he was set to fight, make the announcement and say how he's been training the past year or so. Also, do you think Punk will ever fight and if he is to fight, how soon do you think he has to fight before the "hype" is all the way gone? [34:46]

As a fighter, is Bisping overrated or underrated and by how much? [38:00]

Despite Dana's superstition should UFC play the U.S. national anthem + maybe the host country's too? More global feel. [39:12]

If Bruce Buffer introduced you guys in the octagon what would your nicknames be? [40:48]

Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley [42:50]
Deadpool Review [43:40]

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