GSP vs Michael Bisping

UFC 217 [1:11]
Johny Hendricks vs Paulo Costa [1:57]
Jorge Masvidal vs Stephen Thompson [5:50]
Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Rose Namajunas [9:20]
TJ Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt [12:22]
GSP vs Michael Bisping [16:39]
Is GSP the GOAT? [23:50]
Which fight was fight of the night on the main card? [27:54]
Dana White said the PPV buy rate was over 1 million. Is that because of GSP or 3 title fights? [29:32]
Conor McGregor want to be a partner and a promoter for his next fight. Any chance of that happening? [35:00]
Miesha Tate starts an online workout program. [36:48]
Brandon Moreno gets no USADA suspension from tainted meat [37:12]
EA UFC 3 comes out in February. How good will it be? [38:40]

Someone said the The UFC has sold 2.6 million PPVs this year. That’s less than half of what they’d sold at this point the last two years. Dana white said this has been the best year ever for the UFC? What do you think about this? [41:42]

Which of the new champions do you guys think will hold onto the belt the longest and which one do you think won't hold onto it very long?

Would you rather see GSP fight Whittaker next or go down to 170 and try to take the belt from Woodley and become a 2 weight world champion?

Would you rather find out the universe was created couple days ago, and all your memories and knowledge are fake or Find you're in a coma right now and this question is a message from your doctor using advanced technology to wake you up?

Would you rather immerse yourself in a bathtub of spiders or a bathtub of tobacco spit?

Would you rather receive a lifetime supply of meals from your favorite restaurant or receive a lifetime of free gasoline?

F***, Marry, Kill "Celebrity Edition": Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Olivia Munn

Football player UFC

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