UFC Recap [2:17]
Bellator Rome [5:45]
McGregor at the World Cup with Putin [8:41]
UFC 226 PPV Buy Rate [11:11]
Yoel vs DC? [15:30]
Nick Diaz vs DC [15:50]
Dana White vs Brendan Schaub [17:39]
Colby Covington vs Nick Diaz [21:18]
BFL going to fight day weigh ins [24:04]
Why do they call AKA American Kickboxing Academy when they are primarily wrestlers?

BJ Penn Says he’ll fight again if the UFC gives him someone he can beat? Who can he beat?

Who wins tweet of the week?

You can replace the cast of any movie with The Muppets, but you keep one of the human actors. What movie and which human do you keep?

Maia in his prime vs Khabib in his prime, who wins?

If you were put in charge of the ultimate fighter, how do you think you could make it a good show? (Without cancelling it)

If Bisping carries on doing well now he’s not fighting, could he change your opinion of him?

How many good fighters does it take to make a division interesting?

I think a fight between Lewis and JDS makes sense. Who do you think would win if that fight happens?

What your thoughts on the potential Cyborg/ Nunes fight... Will it happen? Who's the early favorite?

Would you rather fight Nick Diaz in Stockton or Anderson Silva in Brazil?

Would you rather grapple naked with Roy Nelson in a private grappling session or get beaten up by Gina Carrano and left in a pool of your own blood and tears in front of the UFC crowd?

If God exists, what would you ask him, if you had ONE (only ONE) question?

Champion, Gatekeeper, Bellator "Edition #2": Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold, Yoel Romero


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