Matt Mitrione vs Ryan Bader [1:29]
Sergei Kharitonov vs Roy Nelson [4:28]
Fedor vs Chael Sonnen #Bellator [5:09]
Khabib vs Conor McGregor after thoughts [10:17]
Conor McGregor at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium [24:08]
Chuck vs Tito PPV card announced [32:57]
Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson 2 [35:11]
Deontay Wilder punches mascot [37:31]
What would amount would you need for a bare knuckle boxing match [40:00]
Would you rather have Conor’s career or Fedor’s career and why?

If Fedor and Brock fought now, who would win?

The quick booking of Cormier-Lewis at UFC 230 is only the latest example of a pattern of desperate matchmaking that does its fighters, the sport and even its own bottom line no favors. Why are they doing this?

Does a Title have to be on the line for every PPV?

Best hematoma ever?

If GSP has another fight in the UFC, Who should he fight? Khabib

If you were living in a post-apocalypse world (similar to Fallout 4) and you were going to start a faction of people to try survived it, who is 10 UFC fighters you guys would choose to help you ? (must be 6 men and 4 women, also they must be current UFC fighters)

Is been awhile since we did this, so I going to ask again. Choose one current UFC fighter to go on a 7 fight win streak, one to go on a 5 fight win streak and one to go on a 3 fight win streak? (Bonus Karma points if you can name a man and a women) 

If you were forced to have a current UFC fighter as coach and 3 current UFC fighters as training partners, who would you choose? (You are allowed to mix different camps) 

F*** Marry Kill "WWE Edition #12": Cathy Kelley, Charly Caruso, Dasha Fuentes

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