Shogun vs Smith [2:20]
Bellator WW tournament [6:17]
Kimbo Slice jr wins [9:49]
Nick Newell’s first fight in the UFC’s Contender’s series [11:31]
Maike Perry vs Cowboy Cerrone [12:59]
UFC Store shirts [14:30]
Chris Leben vs Phil Baroni [15:58]
powerlifter [19:26]
Ronda Rousey shark week [20:54]
M1 UFC Russia [23:00]
Luke Rockhold vs Chris Weidman [25:10]
MMA Mania tweet [27:05]
Dana White spends over $1 Million on his 16 year old son’s birthday party [28:18]
GSP vs Anderson Silva. Does that fight make sense now? [31:31]Who wins Tweet of the week? [33:21]
Say something nice about a fighter you dislike. [35:04]
Why did the UFC sign Cyborg? [36:11]
How much would you pay to see a BrendanSchaub vs danawhite fight in the UFC? [37:04]
What would the betting odds be? How would you bet? Schaub by sub? [37:19]
It seems like fighters for #Bellator make more $ (on the whole) than #UFC fighters. How does Bellator MMA pull that off? [37:50]
Who’s more of a freak athlete: Yoel Romero or Brock Lesnar? [38:06]How good a chance does Michael Venom Page stand of winning the welterweight Grand Prix? [38:46]
CM Punk was a professional athlete and was still poor after training for years, how many years does it take of training to become a top MMA fighter? Or did his history of being in the WWE mean he required more training than the average person? [39:09]
Who's the most injury prone fighter in MMA? When if ever will Cain Velasquez and Dominick Cruz fight again? [40:18]
Should Shogun retire or perhaps go to Bellator and fight someone like Wandy? [41:20]
Would you rather gain spiritual ascending through heaven with Demian Maia, meet beautiful angels and talk to God OR fight against the Devil with the Diaz brothers and stop Armageddon? [43:33]
You have been kidnapped by terrorists and locked in a prison cell. All you have is a cell phone, that you can make 5 phone calls, that must be made to UFC fighters. Who do you call to come save your ass? (Must be 4 man and 1 women) [44:13]
Champion, Gatekeeper, Bellator "Edition #3": Alexander Gustafsson, Glover Teixeira , Mauricio Rua [47:17]
F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #11": Elizabeth Olsen, Keira Knightley, Olivia Wilde [48:05]

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