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Sage Northcutt wishes you a Happy Valentines Day [3:12]
Would you rather? [3:32]
RIP Kevin Randleman [4:55]
CTE [6:20]
Ronda Rousey SI cover [9:35]
Matt Brown's comments on CM Punk [11:49]
Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva exchange barbs [14:55]
GSP discusses his decision to leave the UFC [18:19]
Roy Jones Jr Rumored PPV [20:44]
Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie 3 [23:19]
Royce Gracie thinks some schools are teaching BJJ the wrong way [24:50]
UFC Fight Pass adds Glory Kickboxing and Eddie Bravo Invitational [30:19]
NBA considering putting sponsor logos on their jerseys [32:15]

1) Who do you think would win in a fight between Cain and Arlovski? and if that fight was announced would you be excited to see them throw down? [34:40]

2) Who do you see being the main event for UFC 200? GSP come back? Conor vs? [36:26]

3) Is a Tyron Wooodley fight at UFC 200 inevitable? Best opponent for him? [39:30]

4) You step into the cage for your 1st Championship fight. Who's the dream team in your corner? (Cyborg doesn't count) [40:32]

5) If JBJ wins, does the crowd boo or cheer? If DC wins, does the crowd boo or cheer? Predict loudest reaction. [42:49]

6) Name the welterweights who Conor McGregor CAN defeat. [45:20]

7) Which will come first, CM Punk's first UFC fight or his 40th birthday? [47:04]

8) If you guys could choose one fighter to go on a 2 losing streak, on a 3 losing streak and on a 4 losing streak, who would you guys pick? Personally i would pick BJ Penn to come of retirement and lose 2 more fights because he sucks (deal with that Ingo), i would pick Connor McGregor to go lose 3 fights to see if that humbles him, that piece of Ireland shit, and for last i would pick Mark Hunt for the 4 losing streak because he sucks and he is overrated (Deal with it Matt) [47:29]

Star Wars The Force Awakens syncs up to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon [48:51]

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