Bellator Dynamite 2 Results [5:47]
Matt Mitrione controversy [7:13]
Rampage vs Ishii at Heavyweight [9:10]
Herschel Walker vs Rampage? [11:28]
Joe Schilling [13:06]
CM Punk vs Mickey Gall at UFC 203 [17:13]
Lots of WWE wrestlers talking about becoming UFC fighters [18:48]
Who’s buying the UFC? [19:06]
Dana White talking crazy again [20:00]
Paige VanZant declines movie role and WWE appearance and want to focus on fighting [22:31]
GSP want to fight again. Open to fighting at 185, 170 or 155. Who should he fight at each weight class? [24:45]
USADA finally updates their website. Brock Lesnar had 5 random drug tests in 13 days [28:20]
Late Stoppage at Legacy 56 [30:24]


What is most likely to occur within the next year? Rank them in order: [32:29]

Ronda Rousey fights

Conor McGregor fights at the 145 pound limit

Either Demetrious Johnson OR Jon Jones loses

The Heavyweight belt is defended twice 

The UFC is sold in its entirety

A PPV does 2 million buys 

What happens to Conor McGregor if Nate Diaz wins the rematch? [35:04]

What would happen if Lesnar and Hunt switched bodies? If you combine them does that make the Ultimate Fighter? [37:18]

Who had the worst performance of the year? [38:40]

Johny Hendricks when he fought Stephen Thompson

Fabricio Werdum when he fought Stipe Miocic

Luke Rockhold when he fought Michael Bisping

Fedor when he fought Fabio Maldonado

Do you think Ronda Rousey will be at UFC 200 to call at Miesha Tate if she wins? [40:07]

What’s the most money fight for Cyborg? [40:58]

A lot of people, including Ingo, say that you're not a real champion until they defend their belt. Here are some UFC fighters who have never defended their belts: [42:09]

BJ Penn (at welterweight)

Rashad Evans

Randy Couture (at light heavyweight)

Bas Rutten

Evan Tanner

Shogun Rua

Matt Serra

Carlos Newton

Forrest Griffen

Vitor Belfort

Sean Sherk

Josh Barnett

Luke Rockhold

And one more time in case Ingo missed it, BJ Penn (as a welterweight)

There are more, but I'm still interested after seeing some of this names, like BJ Penn as a welterweight, are not considered champions in your minds.

Would you rather chase your career OR get married and start a family? [44:50]

Would you rather be a president that everyone hates OR be a bum that everyone cares about? [45:48]

Would you rather swim in the sea with a hungry shark OR walk in the jungle with a hungry lion? [46:56]

Would you rather control Fire OR control Ice? [48:38]

Fuck, Marry, Kill from Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark, Daenerys or Margaery Tyrell? [48:55]

Vounuteering at a Nursing Home [50:37]

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