Dos Santos vs Lewis

#UFC recap [1:43]
JDS vs Derrick Lewis [2:57]
Conor McGregor arrested [7:44]
UFC 235 PPV buy rate [9:46]
Darren Till vs Jorge Masvidal [12:25]
BJ Penn vs Clay Guida [14:44]
Paulie Malignaggi joins Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship [16:44]
GGG signs with DAZN [19:30]
Schevchenko vs Eye [20:56]
PFL starting a women’s lightweight division [21:41]
Cowboy vs Nate Diaz at 185 [22:57]
Alexander Gustafsson vs Anthony Smith [23:54]
Judo in Hockey? [24:20]
Tattoo fun [27:35]
CTE or Stupidity [29:17]
Conspiracy Theory [31:17]
Why do Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw have essentially the same tattoo of their girl in a Tiger headdress?

Do you guys have any thoughts on the "pat down" that refs do before letting a fighter enter the cage? Checking fingernails? I get it. But behind the ears, etc

So far this year I think the ESPN deal is paying off for the UFC. There is a lot more opportunity to grow talent on smaller cards. Thoughts?

Till or Mas? Who ya got?

1) Would you rather take one pill a day to get all your nutrients and feel full, but never really eat anything again OR eat whatever you want but never really feel full?

2) Would you rather face your biggest fear, getting traumatize and not getting paid OR lose a UFC fight to CM Punk in humiliating matter and getting paid?

3) Would you rather be remembered for 10 years after you die OR be remembered forever, but for something terrible you did, if so what is this terrible thing that you did (be creative)?

4) Would you rather be in a female jail for 5 years, full of MMA female fighters that would abuse you OR be in a coma for 10 years, dreaming the greatest dream of all time, about the most glorious sexual fantasy you can have?

F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #36" (Female Wrestlers #16): AJ Lee, Charlotte and Layla.

Conor McGregor float
The division 2

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