#UFC Recap [1:33]
Mike Perry vs Cowboy Oliveria [3:08]
Greg Hardy [4:08]
Jacare Souza vs Jack Hermannson [5:13]
Rory MacDonald vs Jon Fitch [6:41]
Brock Lesnar retired. DC vs Miocic 2 [15:35]
Out of control ref [17:05]
Proper 12 whiskey pushing whiskey sales over 1 billion in the last year [18:40]
Woodley vs Lawler 2 poster [20:08]
Paulo Costa and USADA [20:43]
PVZ [22:39]
Babau has CTE [22:52]
Tweet of the week [27:07]
#AskTheNuts [27:46]

Change one fight in MMA History.  

What do you think is going on here with Reverend Rory?

There's been a handful of veteran fighters that have been accused of spousal abuse recently such as BJ Penn, Matt Hughes and Tony Ferguson. Are these signs of CTE? Will the UFC see a rash of "War Machine" type incidents in the future?

Ingo: Who will win the game of thrones?

1) If you guys were in death row, what would be your guys “last meal”? Also how would you guys like to go out?

2) Buy or Sell: What’s is the better movie based on a video game franchise? Mortal Kombat Movie (1995) or Street Fighter Movie (1994)? Also which of those two is your favorite video game franchise and who is your favorite character?

3) Champion, Gatekeeper and Bellator: You know how this works guys. Choose one to become a champion in his respective weight division, one to be a gatekeeper and one you believe would do better in Bellator. (Middleweight Edition #1): Luke Rockhold, Ronaldo “Jacaré” Souza and Yoel Romero?

4) Champion vs. Contender Game: Same as last show guys! I take a former UFC champion, someone that he had defeated or lost before and ask if a fight between them would have a different outcome today. Today’s former UFC champion is Tito Ortiz. So today is ask you who would win if they fought today:

- Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock
- Tito Ortiz vs. Wanderlei Silva

F*** Marry Kill "Celebrity Edition #41" (Hollywood Give Me Wood #13): Elizabeth Hurley, Lily Collins and Marion Cotillard


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